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Efficient Business

Now more than ever efficiency is key. We as business owners must stay lean and efficient as the economic pull back from the pandemic sets in.

How to Be More Creative

People think if you can paint a picture or sing a song you’re creative. The thing is that creativity isn’t just art. Scientists and Mathematicians can be extremely creative as well, like when Edison created the light bulb. I imagine Thomas had the first, lightbulb turned on in my head, moment. I argue that creativity is as valuable as any other skill you can possess. So many think you either are creative or you aren’t, but I say it’s like a muscle and you can work to be more creative.

One Page Websites

One Page Websites are more effective in 2020 than the typical website template. If you aren’t getting what you need out of your website you should probably think about making a change.

Take-Aways from CES

I attended my first C.E.S. For those who don’t know it the huge consumer electronics show that happens in Vegas every year. When I say huge that is an understatement. There are 175,000 people and 4,500 distributors in two convention centers. It’s massive.

A Point of View Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Trends for 2020 new marketing ideas that can change your business Are You Ready FOR A NEW POINT OF VIEW? Marketing is like fashion and food, in the way that it’s better to be setting the trend than to be following it. Coming up with new ideas isn’t always easy. We help many […]

10 Rules for Content That Doesn’t Suck

The essential list of 10 things to think about before you create blogs, videos, pictures, info-graphs. By now most people are aware of content marketing. The problem is, everybody is producing content and so much of it goes nowhere. So here is the list of the characteristics that eye catching, thought proving, action taking content […]

Facebook and Google a Winning Combo

The Winning Combo for Local Business Facebook ads are great and Google search is great. But you know what’s Incredible? When you use them both together. The data and analytics you can get back from both platforms is amazing, it’s an advertisers dream in fact. When you take the data from one platform and use it with […]

Golden Age of Podcasting

The Golden age of Podcasting The Revolution will not be televised. It will be Heard. What Does you Brand Sound Like? There a lot that goes into brand identity. What does your brand look like? What does it feel like? Who does it resonate with? What do the colors and text mean? It’s not very […]