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The Winning Combo for Local Business

Facebook ads are great and Google search is great. But you know what’s Incredible? When you use them both together.

The data and analytics you can get back from both platforms is amazing, it’s an advertisers dream in fact. When you take the data from one platform and use it with the other you can create super-targeted ads for branding and sales. 

Facebook for Branding

Facebook, (Instagram is also apart of Facebook’s ad platform.) is the perfect platform for branding because you can show great videos, images and once in awhile, you can even get a great response to text.


The one complaint most people have is Facebook doesn’t generate direct sales. Most people go on Facebook to see Friends and Family, keep up with local news and read a click-bait article.They don’t go on Facebook with the intent to buy. Do they see an ad and buy sometimes? Yes, but that is not the intent.

Google for Sales

Google, on the other hand, is all based on search. Usually, when you’re searching for a local dentist, gym or barber you go to Google. Example: Enter Dentist and the top dentists come up and you choose where your next cavity will be filled. You have an intent to buy.


This is an example what happens when you use the two platforms together: You place a really great looking video ad on Facebook targeting the local community. Your audience sees the ads and thinks “Wow, next time I need a cavity filled I’ll check this dentist out.” You find out what demographic responded best to the Facebook ad and then you use that data to pay for a Google campaign. Next time they go to search for a dentist you name pops up and it triggers their memory. That’s the Dentist I saw on Facebook, I’ll go with them. 


It’s the like a one-two punch from a prizefighter. Jab. Hook. Boom. Client. 


If you’re getting reach on Social Media and/or spending too much on Google campaigns you may want to start using them together. If you need help you know who to call.