The Point Solutions

The essential list of 10 things to think about before you create blogs, videos, pictures, info-graphs.

By now most people are aware of content marketing. The problem is, everybody is producing content and so much of it goes nowhere. So here is the list of the characteristics that eye catching, thought proving, action taking content possess.


Remember, there are other SEO strategies and paid strategies that also should be used to promote content but none of it matters if your content sucks! 



is the second best way to engage an audience. Keep reading to find out what is first.

Stand Out

Be Different. The best way not to get noticed is to do what everybody else does.


Because everyone likes to feel important.


Stop over complicating things. It confuses people and no one likes a know it all. 


Be relevant to the people you want to reach.


People can see through the bullshit.
Be yourself and don’t be afraid to get personal.


Don’t let fear hold you back.


Always try new things. The digital landscape is always changing. You need to as well.


Stay true to your brand.


Your best resource is your audience. Listen to them.


Give people value. There is a lot of trash out there. Rise above make content that doesn’t suck.