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Now more than ever efficiency is key. We as business owners must stay lean and efficient especially as the economic pull back from the pandemic has hit.

I started my professional career as a Chef. I didn’t go to business school or get a big-time business degree, I wanted to cook. The career served me well for 15 plus years until I hurt my back. I was amazed when I entered the business world how most people devalued my past career. As a chef, there are vital lessons that apply to life and business. The most important… Efficiency.  


I remember opening a restaurant as a lead cook early in my career. I overheard the head chef and the sous chef talking and they commented “Look at Enrique hustle. He’s going to be a good one.” They then came to me and said, “What’s wrong, you got Cement in your clogs?” I shrugged it off because I knew I was ready. Dinner service started and sure enough, Enrique hustled. But he did twice the work necessary. Many tasks were never completed. He had a rough service, struggling to put up plates. I worked methodically through service never wasting a movement and the only thing that held me back was waiting for my fellow cooks. The Head Chef never apologized, (they rarely do) but soon I was the Sous Chef. Enrique lasted only a few weeks. 


How does this story relate to your business? I’m glad you asked. Now more than ever efficiency is key. We as business owners must stay lean and efficient especially as the economic pull back from the pandemic has hit. Let’s not spend time on menial tasks and let’s focus on what got us into business in the first place.


How do you become more efficient in your business? I’m glad you asked. I have a few ideas.


There are meetings on occasion where work gets done. But not often. Here are tips to hold more efficient meetings:

Have a clear outcome for every meeting. If you’re meeting because it’s Monday and no other reason. Stop. You’re wasting time.

Communicate before the Meeting. Be sure all parties have a clear idea about the agenda. This way they’re prepared and you get to the right information faster.

Get to the point quickly. Being cordial and likable can help you as a leader. So don’t be rude. Let’s not waste everyone’s time, people like it when you respect their time.

Don’t hold a meeting when a simple email or quick phone call will do the trick. If there is one good thing this pandemic has taught so many working professionals, it’s learning how to work remotely. As the data starts to come out it shows many workers have become more efficient.. 


There is talent. You can’t be an expert at everything. In today’s economy, the talent pool is getting better. There are plenty of options for the many resources a business owner needs.

Saves money. Hiring in-house can get expensive. When you outsource you can save on employee cost.

Save time on training  When you outsource there is a pretty good chance the person or agency will not need much hand-holding.


Start small and be sure you have a fine-tuned operation. It will save time and money, especially long term

Get tools and the right software for your needs. There are so many SAAS tools available. Do the research. Invest in the programs

Make it easier to collaborate with software. This goes back to meetings. Working together efficiently is essential.

Save your time for what you do best. Can you see an underlying theme starting to form? 


Your strengths can be your talents or products. Take a good look at what is generating the best business results for you. Maybe 2-3 products generate 80%-90%, or if you are a service provider maybe 2-3 of your offered services makeup 80% of your revenue. Now it is time to take a close look and focus on what is working. 

Delegate weakness to professionals. Running a business takes many talents. Chances are, that you don’t have all of them, no one does. Delegate when you can. 

You’ll be happier in your work if you focus on what you love. It’s been proven that if you enjoy your work you are more effective.

As a result of a more focused approach, you come off as being more authentic. If you are authentic then people will believe in you and it benefits everyone.


Don’t get caught up with what other people say you need. Do you think you need a big office or a large team? Those ideas are so 2018, especially now. Stay lean and stay flexible.

Stay focused on your business.  Keeping up with the Joneses can cost you a lot of money you don’t need to spend. Take a good hard honest look at what you need now.

Keep strong mentally. It’s really easy to get off track or distracted in these times. Stay positive, stay focused, and be grateful.

As the economy starts to open up I’m sure we are going to see and read about many more job cuts and bankruptcies. It’s not going to be all rainbows and flowers, but we can get through it. Just remember your time is more valuable than ever. Stay true to who you are, what you do and get the right help where you need it. If you’re being busy just to be busy, Stop. Take a deep breath. Think. Make smart decisions.  


And as always if you need help — look no further, The Point Solutions is here to help.