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Content Marketing Trends for 2020

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Marketing is like fashion and food, in the way that it’s better to be setting the trend than to be following it. Coming up with new ideas isn’t always easy. We help many businesses and organizations with their marketing, video creation and content strategies and moving forward we are shifting the way we do things.

We pride ourselves on being storytellers in almost every context, whether that be social media, podcasting, even documentaries. In the last few years, we have been pushing companies to tell their stories with video, to differentiate themselves from the competition based on their beliefs and values and win new clients based on commonalities and romanticism. We created Oscar-worthy content. At first, it worked, but the results are not what they used to be. Why is this? 

Why Storytelling is changing

Simple, because in 2016 – 2018 you could tell a compelling brand story and it would resonate with your perfect customer and all of the sudden business was booming. So what happened? Too many people started doing the same thing, telling their story and it fell on deaf ears, making it hard to stand out. Let’s face it, as a brand you want to stand out.  So how do you do that moving forward? What the new trend?

How do you change?

Change the narrative of your story. 

Tell your client/customer story, not yours. 

Tell the story of the best-served customers and show how you solved their problems.


It’s time to change your point of view

Focus on the customer experience and tell that story.

Imagine how powerful a client’s success story could be.


Show Flow

Many people are afraid of the process. If you can set a reasonable expectation of the process and results it makes it much easier for a new client to take that first step. 


Focus on results 

Tell the story of your customers to win because of your product or service. 


By focusing your marketing on having at least one of these four ideas, when you tell your next story you will be able to stand out and show your value without looking like your business or organization is all about you. Maybe some people care about you, but most people care more about how you will help them become the next best thing.

An example

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