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The Golden age of Podcasting

The Revolution will not be televised. It will be Heard.

What Does you Brand Sound Like?

There a lot that goes into brand identity. What does your brand look like? What does it feel like? Who does it resonate with? What do the colors and text mean? It’s not very often you HEAR what does your brand SOUND like. That’s all about to change.

What once was old is new again.

I wasn’t around to hear Mayor LaGuardia read the comics or “War of the Worlds” strike fear into millions of Americans. I wasn’t around for the thrilling days of radio. I did stay up late to listen to “Love Line,” way too young to get my sex education. I also listened to books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “4 Hour Work Week” when I was switching careers and multitasking every second I could.  Listening to books led me to my first Podcast … “The Smart Passive Income,” shortly after “WTF,” “Startup,” “No Agenda” and “Reply All.” I was becoming “well listened.”


I had to start my own podcast. I’m interesting, or at least confident and have something to say. I want to be part of the next generation of Radio. The radio you can listen to whenever you want. When you’re at the gym, driving, or walking your dog. I want to be heard by the people who multitask. So I called Niyaz and Boom! a few weeks later we had a podcast.

Listen to Our Podcast

Here is what I learned from our Podcast:

  1. Audio is hard to get right. It took four or five podcasts to get the audio acceptable.
  2. I say “like” and “but’ way too much
  3. I love making time to talk to people – it’s really important
  4. You can get a lot of attention
  5. Niyaz, my podcasting partner’s obsession with Kayne West is a little nuts :0)
  6. If you need to market – podcasting is a viable option.

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