Creative Campaign Ideas

New for 2018: 

Wanted to show you this to get the new year off to a blazing start with some creative campaign ideas; here are a few thought-provoking new ideas; useful for your ’18 projects.

We’ve been talking to clients and customers about the Creative Campaign ideas below. Some if not all of these are getting attention from every sales and marketing organization we come across.
A lot of time over the holidays was spent evaluating what marketing strategies work (meaning, what kinds of actions deliver exposure, leads, and sales).

Take a glance and let us know what’s on your mind.

Marketing Plans We helped Launched Last Year included:

Programmatic social media activities. This needs to be a habit, and it needs to have intent. Sharing dumb stuff doesn’t help anyone even though it feels like “activity.”

Video. Video. Video. Any and all companies can leverage video to get closer to specific audiences. Short-form tip videos are a great place to start. They’re easy to create with an experienced video interview team. Hit reply, and we can talk.

Many of your competitors launched these kinds of activities last year. You may have, as well. See the list below, but don’t forget . .

. . none of this will work if you don’t have resources to share. Those resources need to provide specific value to targeted prospect and customer lists (reports, articles, video, interviews, transcriptions, etc.). Create them yourself or allow us to help you.

Market on platforms besides Google/Youtube and Facebook/Instagram. Wait, you just read that right. It takes some extra effort but Reddit and Quora are two excellent websites that can be lead funnels for you.

Sales automation via email. You could be using Salesforce or Infusionsoft or Active Campaign or something else. It really doesn’t matter. Strategy, habit and content count. What’s in those emails and why? Have you studied your target personas well enough to know what the messaging should contain? Do you have a strategy for programmed drip campaigns and campaigns that are tied to specific funnel actions (triggers)?

Lead funnels. Do you make landing pages (for succinct, well-understood buyer pains), and create specific capture and nurture sequences for prospects? Ask us how and why this is important. (A simple ‘reply’ will do.) It’s important to make the landing pages detailed and singular – one idea/pain per landing page.

Keyword analysis and optimization. It’s easy to see what words and ad campaigns are working for people in the same business as you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just drive a little faster.

Lastly, Voice. Well listened is the new well read. The biggest boom in voice since radio is happing right now. Podcasting and/or developing an app for Alexa or Google Home before EVERYONE else does will give you a competitive advantage.

Rock 2018. Times are changing, and those who adjust will seize new opportunities.