Simplifying Branding Marketing and Sales

Let’s start with Branding because that’s the logical first step. When you work backward it can be beneficial when you brand your product or service.  

Working backward in this instance means determining who your product works best for and who makes the decision to buy it, (It’s not always the same person). If you’re a surf brand you probably want to look rad and if the word ‘dude’ is thrown around in your message or copy it’s a good thing. If you’re a real estate firm you most likely want to look a little more professional, unless you plan to sell real estate to surfers.

For some companies, it is easy to nail down your target audience or your “tribe,” but sometimes this can be more complicated. If you’re selling food, (everybody eats) you might have a harder time figuring out who you connect with.  You must be flexible to change if you didn’t nail the demographic.

Once you decide who your “tribe” is then you can start to create the values, the look, the language that you’ll use for your Branding.

You have your Product or Service ready and you have a cool logo, the perfect style, and you know exactly how you're going to communicate your value. 

Next question is how are you going to market it? The first factor is what are my competitors doing? What's my advantage? 

Once you have these questions answered you can determine your pricing, your offers, and your strategy. How are you going to advertise and how you're going to bring product/service to market? Hence "Marketing."

Nowadays there are so many strategies on how you can market. Guerrilla, Traditional, and Digital are the buzz word categories. 

  • Guerrilla being unconventional creative marketing tactics.
  • Traditional being PR, Print, Phone Calling, Surveys, Radio, TV etc..
  • Digital would be Social Media, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing,  Search, etc..

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Now you have the formula and know how all aspects fit together the last part is Patience.

Very rarely if ever does a business take off overnight. It takes Blood, Sweat, and Tears, so be patient, get your hands dirty and work your tail off.