Why Video – a five part series about video marketing

The next 5 videos, we’ll talk about how and why Video is an essential part of your content strategy.

The Introduction

Episode #1
Why Video? Why Now? There is really no time like now for launching a video marketing campaign.
The ability to target your perfect audience is making advertising cost as low a $.01 a view.
But there is the catch, just because someone views your video doesn’t mean they like it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a partner to help you produce awesome content and get it in front of the right customer?

I think we might be on to something…


Episode #2

In the first part of this video series we talked about the current digital landscape and how using effective video targeting is key for getting your name out there.

In this video, we talk and show you the “magic” and sensationalism a well-produced video can create. We aren’t the only ones that think so. Read this: READ THIS

What type of videos drive engagement?
In part 3 of our series, we talk about the three types of video you can make to get the best engagement. You know, the most likes shares and comments.

The Rule of 7 – How to make video production affordable.

Like so many things in life, planning and efficiency are so important for success and also to keep thing affordable. In this episode, we’ll give you some pointers on successful video campaigns.

We also teach you about an old advertising rule that still holds eight today. The rule of Seven.

One of the biggest issues business have about video production is that is too expensive. We say it doesn’t have to be.

If you could create not just one video but a series of videos for the same price and generate a sales funnel would that be worth it? If you paid someone a dime and received a quarter would that be worth it? I think it’s an easy yes for most business minded people out there. Watch this and learn more…

Also, make sure you visit our blog to see some other topic regarding video.

Video’s to help your business from an operational stand point.

Part 5 of our video series – How to Use Video Best for Your Business.

In this video, we talk about how videos can be used for your business as an operational tool, not just a marketing tool.

How many times have you been asked a question via email, social media or a phone call that could have been answered with a simple video?

Also, think training videos for your staff or how a well-explained product video could alleviate those angry customers that didn’t quite get what they bargained for.

We play dress-up a little bit here and run a Haberdashery (for you youngins, a haberdashery is kinda like the O.G. Lids) so you can see how a few examples of how video can save you time, headaches and a lot of money.